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Adventuring into Chult in Tomb of Annihilation Campaign!

Background Information of the Campaign WorldEdit

The Merchant Princes

  1. Ekene-Afa: (Female) Deals in weapons, shields, traveling gear, rain catchers, saddles, wagons, and canoes. Has a husband and son.
  2. Ifan Talro'a: (Male) - Late 30s. Deals in beasts, and beast training.
  3. Jessamine: (Female) - Deals in plants, poison, and assassination. Has a daughter.
  4. Jobal: (Male) Deals in guides and sellswords. Consort is Azon.
  5. Kwayothé: (Female) Deals in fruit, wine, ale, tej, oil, perfume, and insect repellent. Worships fire god. She may have come up from the streets. She has two male consorts.
  6. Wakanga O'tamu: (Male) Deals in magic and lore. Older wizard. All arcane magic user needs to register with him upon arrival to Port Nyanzaru. He is also rescued Makani who considers him her father and master.
  7. Zhanthi: (Female) Deals in gems, jewelry, cloth, and armor. Early 50s.

Adventure Journals Edit

  1. Session 1: Welcome to Port Nyanzaru!
  2. Session 2: Undead, and Ways to Combat Them.
  3. Session 3: At Jobal's Salon
  4. Session 4: Cutist in the Sewers!
  5. Session 5: Into the Jungle of Chult! (Part 1)

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Volo's lecture at Wakanga's.

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